Here are what a few of our customers have said!

"I really enjoy playing this game because it invokes a real conversation. Even more, you can learn how others perceive you, which helps you reflect and grow. Not to mention the whole time it inspires new and unique banter. It's deeper than most games and if you have a good group you get some good laughter out of it too. An all around strong game."  - Heather Hansen 

"Played the Self Deck with my kids and they kept pulling cards and did not want to stop. They were super enthusiastic; it made for some great conversation especially with my oldest son who is usually pretty quiet. We all became instant fans!" - Philip Zvar

"There are (at least) two modes to this game. First, as the perfect ice-breaker to get to know new people. Second, as a way to deepen self knowledge with good friends or family. Both are quite enjoyable and a great way to get people really engaged in a provocative way." - Malek Abdel-Fattah