Our Story

The search for meaningful conversation.

It all began with a simple frustration:   the desire to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with my friends and the people I love.  Very often when my friends and family get together the same types of topics come up - gossip, reminiscing about the past, general updates on events and activities, basically "catching up", as people say.   But I was in the process of self discovery and I wanted to learn more about my circle of friends and what made them tick. 

Inspiration leads to investigation.

I did my best to have the kinds of conversations I wanted to have, but they would usually result in storytelling or aspirational projection (sharing the best version of ourselves).  I decided in a moment of haste to write down the question I was asking and force my companions to provide only a number from 1 to 10 to describe how much they shared the thought, belief or idea I had written. 

At the same time, it occurred to me that I also had a number for how I perceived their relationship to the same thought or idea. Immediately we all became quiet with thought and reflection and after some deep introspection, numbers were written for ourselves and numbers were provided to one another.  A brand new form of conversation was born, and we could all see the power of this approach. 

Why it works.

The act of reducing our beliefs and stories about ourselves and our identities to a single number requires a unique sort of reflection which can bypass our normal egoic defenses. Most of us are not living a black and white existence. We live on a spectrum and selecting a number for ourselves and others enables us to talk about deep and intimate topics in an efficient but very engaging way.

  1. Delivers a unique approach to thinking about ourselves.
  2. It provides highly efficient conversations that quickly get to the heart of who we are and what we believe in.
  3. Facilitates conversations about growth and the obstacles to growth.
  4. Creates a channel to hear and be heard through actively listening and useful feedback. 

What we do.

At 1 to 10 and Then we want to help create better relationships through meaningful connections and conversation.   Every time we see a face light up or hear an amazing story about how 1 to 10 and Then changed a life or brought valuable insight inspires us to work harder to share this valuable tool. 

We appreciate your interest in 1 to 10 and Then and hope that we can play together and help you connect with yourself and the people around you.